Links to manufactories and suppliers
Planewave Instruments Observatorium systems, Domes, Telescopes, Mounts, Instrumentation
ASA Astro Systems Observatorium systems, Telescopes, Mounts
Astro Electronic Instruments, Motors, Mounts, Encoders, Mirrors,
AWR Technology Telescope drives, Siderial Time clocks, Measurements, Alalysis
Robtics Instruments Telescopes, Mounts, Astrophotography, Domes
Siderial Technology Telescope Control Systems
Mirror Manufactories
Lockwood Specializing in smooth, accurate concave spherical and aspheric mirrors
Zambuto Newtonian Primary Telescope Mirrors
Ostahowski Specialize in  demanding critical application optics
Waite Premium mirrors and innovative telescope designs
Hubble Obtics Manufacturer of high-precision lightweight optics
Galaxy Telescope Mirror Optical Coating Services
Orion UK Manufacture of quality certifiable optics
John Nichol High precision astronomical optics
Newport glass Astronomical mirrors, grinding & polishing material, finished components
Dreamscope Opto Mechanical Systems
Software and Drivers
Ascom Driver Universal Standard Platform for Astronomy
The SkyX Astronomical software

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