Product Futures:
- Optics with Certificate of Conformity
- Suprax glass optics (Zerodur on request)
- Automatic main mirror and secondary mirror covers with software
- Remote operation possible.
- Choice of field flatteners and focal reducers.
- High strength carbon fiber tubing
- Microstep secondary mirror with software control.
- 3 cooling fans with control
- Feather touch double speed focuser for visual use.
- 9 points mirror support.
Cassegrain and Ritchey–Chrétien (RC) telescopes are used by professional observatories, research institutions and universities. The telescopes are
made in open truss construction style with CFK-tubes and precision optics Mirrors.
Customers can choose from the optical tube assembly (OTA) or the complete telescope system which can be set up in an equatorial or alt-az design.
In combination with a focal reducer or field flattener, these instruments can also be used for large CCD sensors with diameters of 150mm and more
and still display pin point stars all the way to the corners.
- Astrofox designed and implemented many telescopes globally and all the optics delivered always more than have fulfilled their specifications.
- System-wave front accuracy minimum L/8 Peak to Valley at 632 nm in focus
- System-wave front accuracy minimum L/35 RMS at 632 nm in focus
- Surface Quality 80/50 scratch/dig
- Coating Aluminium and Quartz, other coatings like silver and gold upon request!
Optical performance that will always perform on the seeing limit Both the Ritchey-Chrétien and Cassegrain telescope will need a corrector when
used with large format CCD cameras. When comparing the performance of both systems, the Cassegrain will perform very similar to the RC but at
a lower price. The benefit of the RC-design lies in the fact that the field correction without field flattener is slightly better compared to the Cassegrain. The result will be a more rigid system that will increase the precision of the telescope. Since professional telescopes are used in fixed locations, the slight gain of weight will be more than offset by the prevailing benefits such as higher pointing and tracking accuracy as well as improved focusing precision
AF500 Specifications
  Apeture   500 mm
  Focal Lenght   4000 mm
  Focal Ratio   F8
  Back Focus   350mm (other on request)
  Field of view   86 arc mins (80 mm)
Mechanical Specifications
  Material   High end aluminium, steel and carbon fiber
  Workmanshipp   Hand made
  Weight   80 Kg
  Image Quality   See spotdiagram
  Cooling   Computer contolled fans
  Focuser   Computer controlled focuser
  Baffle   Main mirror baffle
Main mirror specifications
  Optical diameter   500 mm
  Mirror diameter   510mm
  Mirror material   Suprax
  Coating   Ai+Sio2 coating 96% refection
  Surface quality   L/8 PVT wavefront
  Mirro thickness   50 mm
  Mirror cell   9 point floatation
Secundary mirror specificationc
  Optical diameter   180 mm
  Mirror diameter   185 mm
  Mirror material   Suprax
  Coating   Ai+Sio2 coating 96% refection
  Thickness   30 mm
Optional equipment: 
4" field flattener corrector: On request
4" reducer corrector: On request
4" rotator: On request
Ritchey–Chrétien (Standard configuration):
Optional equipment: 
Mirror material Zerodur: On request
Camera adapters: On request
Different focal ratio: On request
 Ordercode: AF500   Price on request

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