The Sky Astronomy Software
TheSky is the essential tool for astronomical discovery and Earth-based space observation. Just starting out? TheSky Serious has all the features to explore and discover the night sky, for any date and time, and even control your goto telescope
TheSky Professional offers advanced databases, telescope control and essential tools for observers. Astrophotographers love TheSky Imaging (TheSky Pro+Camera+TPoint bundle) for controlling all their devices, from telescopes, to cameras, guiders, rotators, focusers, filter wheels and more.
Shoot for the Moon with the TheSky Universal. It includes TheSky Professional, Camera & Devices, TPoint and the Dome module and runs on
macOS, Windows, Linux ARM32, Linux ARM64 and Linux x86_64 architectures. Universal also includes a license to run the software on up to six different computers, for each supported operating system and hardware architecture.
The Sky screen   The Sky M42 screen
Many of you have never seen the sky. Not really. If you live in a city or suburb, a pale blue or grey dome looms overhead while the Sun is up, and a darkish brown curtain hangs down at night, with maybe a few sparks of light poking through here and there if the clouds haven’t gathered and the glare from buildings and cars and billboards isn’t overwhelming. The Sun and the Moon are unmistakable of course, but the spattering of stars you glimpse are probably strangers to you. Some of them might even be planets – for most people, it’s hard to tell the difference.
All of this is about to change. You have in your hands an extraordinary tool for revealing not just new worlds, but the entire universe. The night sky
is an incredible wonderland of diverse and spectacular objects and phenomena. Some of these breathtaking sights are created by tiny particles that ply the fringes of our atmosphere. Others are immense, ancient structures, incomprehensibly far away.
TheSky Professional Edition or TheSky Serious Astronomer Edition will bring these amazing marvels and more to your desktop. It will help you learn the fundamentals of astronomy, the most ancient science, and teach you how to recognize just about everything in the real sky. Whether you’re looking up from the streets of a light-polluted city, or taking in the view from a remote, pitch-black mountaintop, or controlling your distant observatory from Internet, TheSky will help you understand what you see and find what you’re looking for.
You’ll also enjoy experiences that are only possible through the magic of simulation and virtual-reality programming. Faster-than-light flights through the solar system, out-of-this-world views of the Earth and Moon, and the orbital tracks of hundreds of satellites are just some of the animations
built into TheSky. Trips through space and time that were once possible only in the imagination will be vividly brought to life on your computer screen.

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